What is Auditing?

Today companies are operating in a global business environment and providing service to customers throughout the world. Therefore, the importance of achieving transparency and accountability for the companies that wish to experience sustainable growth in both domestic and foreign markets will be increase.r

It is essential that the financial statements demonstrate the accurate and reliable financial condition of the company. In this regard, it is highly important that the financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and must be audited by the audit firms.r

Accounting Services

Internal Audit

Independent audit

Operational audit

Special Service

Internal Audit

  • -Establishment and maintenance of effective internal control mechanisms
  • -Review of financial sources management, human resources, operational performance, financial performance and development strategies, and offering recommendations for improving them
  • -Providing suggestions for effective asset management and accountability and efficient management
  • -Restructuring the company to increase profitability, efficiency and productivity
  • -Providing management assistance to the companies that are faced with financial crisis
  • -Production of systematic reports and management plans for parent companies and their subsidiaries
  • Check the available documentation

  • Process identification and initial evaluation

  • Periodic Evaluation - Quarterly

  • Provides reporting of potential points of improvement

Pathology, complication

In pathology or complication models, all major activities and processes and support of the organization are reviewed and analyzed, systematic and methodological problems are identified and then improvement projects are suggested to address these bugs. It is quite clear that any recovery project, if implemented correctly, is going to eliminate and fix any bugs and bugs observed in the pathological stage.j

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