Accounting services

Accounting services in the world are not just about providing services, but also about services that provide quality and guarantees, low cost, information security, support, commitment and advice in all the financial needs of the customer and provide clients with the exception of accounting services.c

Another difference between Mofid is the ability to provide services to large corporations, organizations, and so on. That’s why we have the ability to deploy companies and companies with enough power.c

Ask us accounting finance auditing services

  • Performing accounting affairs of companies

  • Formulating and development of business measures

  • Geographic versus industry or customer segment reporting

  • Preparing foreign investment reports

  • Preparing financial statements from incomplete records

  • Preparing financial reports and analysis of financial statements

  • Providing accounting reports required by banks for raising facilities

  • Offering professional consultation on financial management and investment

  • Contracting accounting and drawing up the project statement

  • Implementing account modification operations and settlement of account difference with other companies

  • Setting up control management systems of documents and software systems

  • Identifying the legal status of immovable and movable assets and those prohibited to be sold

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