About Us

Mofid Group has been established with the aim of innovation in rendering high quality services based on the necessities, customer’s satisfaction and improvement of knowledge in organizations and cooperates with GUNCEL & LAVIELE GROUP to achieve this goal and takes advantage of their international experience in performing the relevant affairs using professional experts bearing high education in accounting, auditing, taxation and financial affairs. We have equipped our group with an engineering team in order to be able to provide audit, accounting, and tax management services

Our Vision

As we are Güncel & Laviale in it’s sector; we are going to carry on our path without compromising our corporate culture and our values. As we do this however, we are going to respect the principles of  superiority of law, professional honesty and objectivity and the rights of the government and of our taxpayers, all together Our company will never give up taking innovative steps in accordance with these principles, we will continue this attitude with determination

Our Mission

Our aim is giving necessary support to our taxpayers and business partners by offering them solution-oriented and high quality services and professional experience in order for them to get ahead of their competitors in local and international markets and providing them maximum benefit from arising opportunities by evaluating rapidly on their behalf

Our principles



We use our knowledge and expertise to provide specific solutions for our clients



We consider our clients as partners and help them improve their businesses



We provide timely, accurate and transparent reporting to our clients



We inform our clients about the investment opportunities and provide economic benefits


Prompt solutions

We analyze the needs of our clients in all aspects and suggest best possible solution


Professional Ethics

We adhere strictly to the code of ethics


We offer the highest quality services to our clients on account of our experts experienced in all areas and our high standards of business conduct

Strategic Plans

Moving based on social needs and trying to solve problems

Close interaction with the executive organizations and awareness of basic needs of organizations, firms and industries

Attempts to promote and disseminate knowledge in the field of financial services and investment

Providing operational solutions to meet the needs of managers, experts and decision-makers in the field of financial management and investment

Integration with the international agencies to develop the financial system of Iran

Improving quality of products and services

Achieving national and international success

Enjoyment of committed, capable and creative human resources